FOSSA // Tku



eurodance and gabber listening 5th grader, Fossa probably didn’t foresee that his interest in different and new kinds of music would develop into a strong enthusiasm towards listening to and creating futuristic tracks, using the sounds from the past.

Fossa has found his own genre slot somewhere among retrofuturistic electro, which on the other hand includes elements from glitchy video game legacy soundscapes, but also often embeds straightforward analogueish techno blastage.

Being a genuine electronic music marinated individual, Fossa doesn’t hang on to one genre only, and has also slipped in e.g. some gabber, techno and italo disco in live sets.

As a DJ, Fossa navigates fluently through electro, house, italo disco, skwee, chiptune and techno.

Looking past the pure analogue craze, Fossa strives to use naivistic melodies, wonky sound surgeries and the tightest of tight beats, to give the crowd good vibes and big smiles, wishing to make at least part of the crowd feel young again.

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