korvatorvi // plUGi-Pori

korvatorvi (Ugroups, Illict, Tsi3, KUMO, plUGi FINLAND)
If you don’t know who she is, you are nothing. Already at the age of four she exhibited her talent by playing faster, harder, more delicately and the most beautiful music anyone has ever made on this planet. According to her experience DJ technology is to rationalise our sense of the matter at hand, with which many important reactions of the present are intertwined. She can shape us both musically and as humans, into an improved form. She has played music to the gods. She is no longer human, but pure energy integrated into DJ performing that excels perfection. If she is kind, you may experience the virginal purity of young love and the bold wisdom of the ageing years deep down inside you simultaneously. 😉

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