NEW Plastikman album “EX”

Not only is June 4th my birthday but also an anniversary date of many special and pivotal moments for my Plastikman project.

The early birthday LODGE party celebrations were inspirational for the early Plastikman releases and the first rendition of Plastikman Live debuted on June 4th, 2004 at Montreal’s Mutek festival. Keeping with this tradition, I thought today was the perfect day to announce another development in my life (getting older!) and the next step for the Plasti…kman project!

11 years after the last album “Closer”, I’m very happy to announce the NEW Plastikman album “EX”.

Last November while I was preparing for a special Plastikman performance at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, I blocked out time in my schedule and locked myself away in a series of intense and inspiring studio sessions. Quickly and nearly effortlessly (that’s what happens when inspiration hits), I recorded enough material for the performance and then realized that there might be a complete new album within. Performing this new material at the Guggenheim allowed me to step away from the dance floor, giving me a huge amount of freedom to explore any sonic idea that I had.

EX is an EXcursion into the past EXploring the uncertainty of the future, EXpanding and EXtending the immersive atmospheres of what a Plastikman album was always about.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday to you all. I hope everyone enjoys the MUSIK. Looking forward to performing Plastikman LIVE at Sonar Festival Official Page!


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